Summer 2011 first impressions (part 1)

So I guess I didn’t stick with it very well… Never been good at keeping diaries, etc. ^^”

Still I’ve been watching a ton of first episodes this season and I reading the various reviews leaves me wanting to post my own opinion and where better to do this than on my own blog? So here’s yet another attempt of me to get this up and going. I’m afraid I can’t promise to be regular, but if anybody reads this and likes bear with me.

That said lets start with the first impressions:


Saya summed up

Imagine Kobato as a vampire demon hunter and you’ve got the protagonist of this show. Mind-boggling isn’t it? For most of the first part of this episode I was wondering what I was watching. Saya has the same airhead bubbly personality that Kobato has, though luckily they didn’t keep up the tripping over running gag this time. The red and black uniforms felt really out of place…

And then the second part rolled around and suddenly there’s a sacred sword and a downright awesome fight scene.  And that was it, the episode was over. The first half was boring and the second half totally awesome. What really stood out though was the split personality of Saya. Personally I’m going to believe that she acts so over the top nice to everybody because she knows she’s really a vampire and doesn’t want to be. If that’s so we should be in for some interesting moments.

Either way the first episode was too weird to allow me to decide whether I want to watch the rest or not. So I’ll stick with this one for a bit longer. ^^

Kamisama no memo-chou

It’s been a week or so since I watched the first ep of this and I don’t really remember much about it. The male lead has no presence, even the show acknowledges this, but the other characters weren’t particularly memorable either. The main focus of the series is the little NEET girl who plays detective from her room using a computer setup that made me drool. The girl herself annoyed me a bit with her arrogance.

What really struck me though, is that for a series about a detective there appears to be very little to mystery side of the story so far, but perhaps that’ll improve if the series goes on a bit longer.

Sacred Seven

A private, sniper rifle wielding, army of french maids. That pretty much sums up this series to me. It’s silly, camp and gloriously overdone. Now if the characters and the story can become just a tad bit more interesting it’ll be a truly great show to watch.

Ikoku meiro no Croisée

So much innuendo… Oh wait, that’s just my dirty brain. xD The girl, Yune, is cute and pretty much devoid of personality. The rest of the cast is just devoid of personality. If it wasn’t for the fact that my fiance and I spent this entire episode cracking loli jokes at it I would’ve fallen asleep.

The plot is nothing more than a 11 year old girl coming to 19th century Paris to act as poster girl for a failing metallurgy shop. That’s it, from there on it’s just watching bland characters interact in predictable ways. I can’t say more about it, ’cause I can’t remember more of it. It was just so bland and no cute doll-like girl can change that.

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