Summer 2011 impressions (part 2)

I was going to do all the anime I tried this season, but it’s just too much so I’ll just do the three show that I’ll be watching this season.

Usagi Drop

This anime is so sweet it’s just a joy to watch. The story starts when Daikichi’s grandfather dies. He left behind his illegitimate daughter a six year old girl named Rin. Nobody in the family wants to take her in, they’re too busy, don’t want the stigma, etc. Daikichi, annoyed with their squabbling and liking what he’s seen of Rin so far decides to take her in. From there on it’s the story of the two of them getting used to each other.

Rin’s cute, but not like Yune from Ikoku Meiro no Croisée. She’s cute because of how she reacts to things, trying to act grown up at times or just being a kid at others. The direction is great too, using minimal conversation and letting the images do the explaining. The slow pace and low action story might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but if you like a well executed josei story this is for you.

No 6

No 6 is the second Noitamina show this season (Usagi drop is the first) and it’s a completely different show in many ways though it’s similar in others. Both have so far emphasised characters over plot, Usagi more No 6, and both are well animated and directed. No 6 is about a utopian city in a post apocalyptic world. That is to say it’s about a city with a totalitarian regime where everything’s fine until you scratch the surface. Which is exactly what happens to Shion when he runs into Nezumi. I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll leave it at that.

Like I said before, it’s the characters that make this one shine. Shion’s naivite and openness provide a great contrast with Nezumi’s streetwise attitude. The fact that the relationship between these two has a huge BL overtone also helps in my opinion (bring on the doujinshi <3). The pacing’s great, the characters believable, it’s just a really well made anime.

Mawaru Penguindrum

I adore the art direction of this series. ❤ It’s just so bright and colourful, full of detail where it needs to be, but without when it isn’t necessary. The plot so far has revealed little of itself, but basically Kamba and Shoma’s sister, Himari, dies because there’s nothing modern medicine can do to save her. However she’s, temporarily?, revived by a Kaizer Penguin hat that occasionally takes command of her body to initiate “survival strategy”. Sounds confusing? It kind of is, but it’s mainly intriguing. Also the Pengi hat comes with 3 helper Pengi’s which are hilarious and adorable at the same time. Not much more I can say about this at the moment.

So that’s this season’s impressions for me. I’m going to try to write here once a week about anime, games or whatever else comes to mind. Though I promise to keep it otaku related.

Jaa ne~

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3 Responses to Summer 2011 impressions (part 2)

  1. paper says:

    All three shows that you’ve listed here are without doubt some of the shows that I’m super excited about. All three series are great but I’m all over No.6 for now because of the characters. I think Nezumi and Shion compliment each well and the chemistry between the two make them entertaining to watch.

  2. casandara says:

    Yeah, it’s that chemistry that’ll keep this show going. Love both of them already. ❤

  3. Seasons says:

    Post more entries!

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