Life/Blog Update

So this blog has been very quiet since January which has a lot of causes, but it’s mainly due to my anxiety disorder kicking up big time. I’ve started therapy to combat it and while that is working, it’s also draining my energy big time. On top of this I’m studying for my N4 JLPT test in July. Because I’m a massive masochist that way. xD

I’ve got a secondary blog Difficulty Setting Hard on which I chronicle my struggle trying to study while dealing with mental illness.

As for this blog, I have a plan for it and I’ve been doing some prep work. Once I’ve finished my JLPT on 3rd July and come back from the Japan Expo a week later I’ll get started on overhauling this place. Till then you can find me at my second blog, twitter and of course at That Game Club where I’ll be pretending that playing Norn9 is a valid way of studying…

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