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Life/Blog Update

So this blog has been very quiet since January which has a lot of causes, but it’s mainly due to my anxiety disorder kicking up big time. I’ve started therapy to combat it and while that is working, it’s also … Continue reading

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Project Diva Mirai DX

 If you follow me on twitter you’ve probably seen me tweet pictures from this game. I’ve been playing it for the past several weeks and have spent most of that time clearing songs to earn points so I can buy … Continue reading

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Book review: The secret history of MI6

This book details the first 40 years of SIS, or as it’s better known MI6, history. It was commissioned by MI6 and written by historian Keith Jeffrey, who was given full access to their archives. Well full  access by secret … Continue reading

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Mahou shoujo tai Arusu

I found this show while browsing around and started watching on a whim and I fell in love with it right from the first episode. I’m still watching the final “adventure” episodes which are basically little side stories taking place … Continue reading

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Summer 2011 impressions (part 2)

I was going to do all the anime I tried this season, but it’s just too much so I’ll just do the three show that I’ll be watching this season. Usagi Drop This anime is so sweet it’s just a … Continue reading

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Summer 2011 first impressions (part 1)

So I guess I didn’t stick with it very well… Never been good at keeping diaries, etc. ^^” Still I’ve been watching a ton of first episodes this season and I reading the various reviews leaves me wanting to post … Continue reading

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Ridiculous romance

*Warning spoiler heavy rant* So I watched the seventh episode of Bakuman a few days back and to be honest, it was the first episode I didn’t enjoy watching. The main reason, it focused nearly completely on the most stupid … Continue reading

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