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Becoming Discworld

But more importantly there’s no interaction with the city aside from a pub crawl. I just finished reading Guards!Guards!¬†the 8th Discworld novel and I feel like the Discworld has now reached the point where it’s The Disc I know and … Continue reading

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Around the Disc in 41 books

Imagine a montage of newsreaders. Like the one they use in films to declare that the zombie apocalypse has really started now, so could the heroes please get on with the plot. The same words spilling from the different newsreaders … Continue reading

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Book review: The secret history of MI6

This book details the first 40 years of SIS, or as it’s better known MI6, history. It was commissioned by MI6 and written by historian Keith Jeffrey, who was given full access to their archives. Well full ¬†access by secret … Continue reading

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