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While the situation is improving it can still be hard to find legal sources to watch anime if you live in Europe, but outside of the UK & Ireland. While looking for them myself I noticed there are plenty of lists for the US & Canada. Some even also mention the UK, but there’s little for those outside it. At least in English, so this is my attempt to plug the hole a bit.

DISCLAIMER: I live in The Netherlands and while all the sources listed here are available in other continental European countries they don’t have the same content everywhere and in some cases might not work at all.


Easily the most famous site for legally streaming anime. Though the European catalogue is still not as good as the US version there is a lot of good stuff to be seen here. You can watch everything for free if you just register a free account or pay a monthly subscription to have the adverts removed and watch videos in higher quality. Premium also grants you access to videos as soon as they are added, a free account means you have to wait a week.

The site offers both a decent selection of simulcasts and a large catalogue which mainly consists of all the titles they’ve been streaming since the 2009 season.

Note: for those who don’t have credit cards, you can register a free account without needing to provide billing information. Sadly this means you can’t profit from the 14 day free premium trial though. After verifying your e-mail simply click the Crunchyroll logo to return to the main site and watch stuff for free.


This is a Swiss streaming service that has a whole bunch of (weird) stuff including anime. They don’t have many simulcasts available this season, but they do have a pretty big back catalogue of titles. It includes popular shows such as the .Hack series and more obscure stuff like Key the Metal Idol and Mahou Shoujo Tai Arusu (Tweeny Witches). You don’t have to sign up to watch the videos and it’s entirely free. They’ve just launched a new service Omakase which allows you to subscribe and get a monthly subscription box of anime related goodies centred around the month’s theme. Sadly this is only available in the UK so far, but as it’s only just left beta it’ll hopefully become available everywhere else.


This is a streaming service created by several Japanese anime companies. While it has very little content available in The Netherlands at the moment it does have 5 series simulcasting this season (autumn 2015), including One Punch Man, and a show where seiyuus are interviewed. It also has some really popular licenses like the Idolm@ster animes and you can watch the SAO special here. Most of their content is free and doesn’t require an account though a few videos like the Gundam Origin films require you to pay.


This is the one I have the least intel on when it comes to what’s available in other countries. At the moment of writing there isn’t even an anime category on the Dutch version, but there are a few anime shows and films on there. Including Knights of Sidonia and Seven Deadly Sins. As Netflix requires you to sign up before you can get a good look at their catalogue I wouldn’t recommend getting it for anime unless you’re really sure of what they have. But if you have it already or are signing up for their other content have a rummage through the catalogue and see what turns up.

And those are all the ones I know about. If you have any to add please leave a comment and I’ll look them up and add them. ^^


2 Responses to Anime Sources

  1. Nogard says:

    The Crunchyroll is semi free. You need to sign up for a free account and in doing so they ask for a payment method. Wihtout filing that in one wont complete the signup. You dont need to pay for the free 2 week trial, but after that it is a paid service, or you create a new account. Im not sure if they double check the payment method listing, so perhaps that can be reused.

    • Casandra says:

      Okay, I just tried this and it turns out Crunchyroll’s sign up process is just a bit sneaky in how much it tries to get you to buy premium membership. You are right about it lagging a week behind though. I’ll update the post to include that.

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